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We provide high-tech monitoring and automation systems for any type of growing environment. Our solutions make it possible to analyze, manage and optimize all your business processes in a targeted manner. Hoogendoorn has a fitting automation solution for virtually all processes and systems in your company. Regardless of your crop, climate or business conditions. We work with growers in every possible climate zone, with the most diverse crops.


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Great Northern Hydroponics is a 70 acre greenhouse operation in Kingsville, Canada. They have been in business since 1998 and started with a 50-acre traditional greenhouse facility. The company is known for its tomatoes; growing more than 10 varieties, from cocktail tomatoes to grapes to mini San Marzano’s. To achieve perfect integration between horticulture and technology, Great Northern uses techniques that are environmentally sustainable and responsible, having the best quality tomatoes as a result. And that’s where our IIVO process computer with Data Driven Growing comes in.

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