AgriCo and Chada Farms: 25% Efficiency boost with IA-Powered Growing



In the competitive world of agriculture, efficiency and resource optimization are crucial to success. Agrico, a company specializing in cucumber cultivation, began a strategic partnership with Chada Farms, currently forming 20 hectares together with aspirations for further growth.

In 2016, Agrico and Chada Farms embarked on a transformation journey with the adoption of Hoogendoorn Growth Management’s process automation solutions. These tools have allowed them to quantify the impact of their decisions and optimize resource allocation.



A pivotal aspect highlighted in their testimony is the direct impact of the IIVO computer and the Intelligent Algorithms provided by Hoogendoorn. These advanced tools have enabled them to optimize their resources exceptionally, maximizing greenhouse performance. Thanks to these advancements, they have managed to reduce their operating costs by 25%, while simultaneously increasing productivity and crop quality.

One of the most notable aspects emphasized in their testimony is the utilization of Intelligent Algorithms from IIVO. "By using the intelligent algorithms(...) we optimize our engineers' time on analysis and strategy improvement actions, rather than constant programming of settings to achieve our goals," says Javier Lopez Ruffo, CEO of AgriCo.



In addition to optimizing the use of resources such as gas, CO2, and water, the Intelligent Algorithms have also allowed Agrico and Chada Farms to improve the management of other critical factors, such as greenhouse climate. This real-time monitoring and adjustment capability have been essential in ensuring optimal growing conditions, regardless of environmental fluctuations.

Thanks to this automation and digitalization, it has been possible to create an operations control center in the city of Queretaro, despite the greenhouses being in different locations, kilometers apart. This has enabled them to unify criteria and control.



The testimony also highlights the peace of mind provided by centralized access to all this information in the cloud. This centralization not only prevents data loss but also facilitates informed decision-making based on data across all operational areas.

"We are very satisfied with Hoogendoorn; their excellent service and support are providing clarity in numbers and information, which greatly facilitates our decision-making process.," says David Wegan, CEO of Chada Farms.



With their focus on innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, Agrico and Chada Farms are uniquely positioned to continue leading the way towards a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable agriculture. Their success is a powerful testimony to the transformative potential of intelligent algorithms in the modern agricultural world.