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We find it important to enable our customers to get the maximum out of their Hoogendoorn products. That is why we value knowledge sharing. We do not only provide you with the tools, but also the know-how to grow your business to a maximum profit, with an efficient use of nutrients, water and energy. We therefore share our expertise and extensive knowledge about climate control, irrigation strategy, energy optimization and plant physiology with growers. This enables growers to optimize growing conditions for their crop to obtain maximum profit. The focus here is on growth: increasing knowledge to achieve the maximum result.

We offer this knowledge via our customer portal Hoogendoorn Online, e-learning platform Hoogendoorn AcadeMe, training courses and our white papers.

Hoogendoorn Online
Hoogendoorn AcadeMe

Hoogendoorn AcadeMe

Hoogendoorn AcadeMe is our e-learning platform that provides access to an interesting range of product training courses and insights into the latest developments. The aim is to accelerate knowledge and skills of growers worldwide.

For whom?
The e-learning platform Hoogendoorn AcadeMe is for our customers, partners, crop advisors and employees.


Hoogendoorn AcadeMe

Training courses
White papers

White papers

We have written several white papers from Hoogendoorn in recent years. White papers focused on specific topics, in which the climate computer, data or Plant Empowerment plays an essential role.





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