Sensors that monitor every change.

Virtually all conceivable Hoogendoorn sensors can be fully integrated in our process computer. Thanks to the advanced software, the measurements of these sensors can be recorded and analyzed to provide more data about the greenhouse processes and can be integrated into the process controls of the process computer software.




Hoogendoorn offers a broad range of sensors to measure both inside and outside conditions. We offer basic sensors to measure for example, the temperature of water and air, but also more advanced sensors to, among others, determine the microclimate and activity of your crop.

Weather Conditions

The outdoor conditions are extremely important for the climate in the greenhouse itself. The weather mast has mandatory sensors and some optional sensors to ensure the best climate in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Conditions

Besides the greenhouse temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels, there are more sensors to get a better picture of the climate conditions in the greenhouse.

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