Work-IT is the management information system for
labor efficiency,production and food safety

Work-IT is a wireless, real-time registration system that combines information about crop yields, labor performance and pest and diseases. It combines costs with real-time information about e.g. staff performance, planning, payroll administration, quality and stock. This allows you to efficiently manage labor, production and crop health and it helps you to take cost-saving measures.


Intelligent. Automated. Trusted.

Work-IT is the modular solution for every cultivation company. It registers all labor and production information very precisely via smartphone, tablet or group key. You always have real-time data available about staff performance, cultivation and harvest activities, production costs and crop health. All registered data is presented in customized reports and can be exported to different file types. Comparing data allows you to zoom in on your business operations down to the smallest detail. This helps you to optimize your production and reduce operating costs.

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