Plant Empowerment Principles


At the core of IIVO are the principles of Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE): a unique cultivation method combining plant physiology and physics, resulting in higher yields and quality crops. According to the principles of Plant Empowerment, crop growth is determined by the three plant balances: the energy balance, water balance, and assimilation balance. Plant Empowerment is the roadmap to a sustainable horticulture future. 

Growing by Plant Empowerment supports the plant in keeping its three balances in equilibrium. This way our plants are enabled to become strong, healthy and resilient. This results in an efficient usage of water, fertilizers, CO2 and energy, and in turn higher production and quality. Hoogendoorn is a proud founding partner of the Plant Empowerment Foundation.


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'Plant Empowerment' - What exactly is that? We believe this is the way to achieve optimal crop results, with fewer resources and with minimal emissions. It is therefore a sustainable solution to the enormous challenge of feeding the growing world population. And this solution has been provided by nature itself! Plant Empowerment is "an integrated approach to growing crops sustainably in greenhouses by supporting plant equilibrium". Natural plant vigor is promoted by creating optimal growing conditions, both above ground and in the root zone. This forms the basis of this approach.

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When Plant Empowerment is supported by new technology, growers are the winners.


Plant Empowerment in practice.