iSii supports and automatically controls
all your greenhouse needs

iSii is an one for all, all-in-one process computer that delivers integrated solutions for climate-, water- and energy management. The iSii process computer is suitable for all types of cultivation and can be adapted to your situation. To provide you with a total solution for your business operations, the iSii process computer is completely integrated with other Hoogendoorn systems and can also be easily connected to your current systems such as sensors. In addition, the process computer is equipped with a menu in various languages and a secured data connection providing you access from anywhere in the world.


Easily Adjustable

Settings that make implementing your agronomists' strategy a breeze.


Accessible on all devices worldwide (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Data Tracking

Compare year over year data to track and identify growing trends.

Strategy Optimization

Valuable data-driven insights allows you to make better decisions and optimize your cultivation strategy.

Save Time & Money

Save time and money by sharing your crop data online with trusted advisors, and make better decisions for the future.

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