Intelligent Algorithms: taking Finka’s productivity to the next level



Finka Ahuehuetes S.A. de C.V., better known as "Finka" is a leading company in the specialized greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers in the state of Querétaro, Mexico. The company faced a common challenge in agriculture: to increase production without increasing costs and resources used. The solution came in the form of Hoogendoorn's system, IIVO.

The integration of IIVO into Finka San Antonio's greenhouses allowed for more efficient monitoring and control of production. However, 2022 was a turning point with the small introduction of Hoogendoorn’s Intelligent Algorithms, the latest feature of IIVO.

The company decided to implement this powerful software, allowing growers to continuously monitor and analyze the data generated by the crops, providing real-time information and practical recommendations helping them to make informed decisions and, therefore, achieve better results.

Finka has benefited the most from IIVO's flexibility to adjust various strategies according to the grower's objectives.



Finka has managed to increase its production by more than 25% compared to what they had in their other locations, and have significantly reduced gas and electricity costs.

Finka's Junior Grower, Darek Blajer, has seen the direct benefits of Intelligent Algorithms. As he comments "Intelligent Algorithms are able to, by setting certain behavioral parameters, make decisions based on multi-variable calculations. These Intelligent Algorithms can be used, for example to make better use of heating, improve ventilation efficiency and the use of screens among others. This helps us to do things in a more efficient way, every day.”



The integration of IIVO and Hoogendoorn's Intelligent Algorithms has proven to be a great tool to take Finka's productivity to the next level allowing them to increase their production, improve crop quality while making the most of their resources.