Schenkeveld’s focus on data-driven growing


Schenkeveld employs an advanced cultivation strategy which is partly data-based, increasingly abandoning the traditional 'cultivation steering’. They use IIVO’s Intelligent Algorithms, developed by Hoogendoorn Growth Management. These smart algorithms set crucial parameters using specially developed rules. The computer then takes over, and Schenkeveld's crop specialists keep a close eye on developments. They intervene only when necessary. This approach is increasingly autonomous and enables Schenkeveld to operate at 'Champions League' level in growing their products.

Joost Barendse, Director at Schenkeveld, stresses the importance of this approach: "The Intelligent Algorithms mean a tool for us to make fewer mistakes in cultivation, and because we think that towards the future we will have to work more and more with data, this system helps growers make better choices."

Schenkeveld has been working with Hoogendoorn for a number of years, with many Schenkeveld locations relying on Hoogendoorn's climate computers for generations. In 2020, Schenkeveld took a leading role by placing even greater emphasis on data-driven growing by opting for IIVO.

"We want to be at the forefront, so also with the IIVO, we are one of the first users we started with, because we also want to build up that knowledge as quickly as possible and thus be able to market the best possible product, says Leon van der Zalm, grower at Schenkeveld.

Soon, all Schenkeveld locations will start using this technology. Schenkeveld is happy to share their knowledge with other growers, with the ultimate goal of promoting the sustainable development of the horticultural sector.