Smart Greenhouse Control with IIVO


On October 8, 2020, Hoogendoorn Growth Management organized an exclusive launch event to launch its biggest innovation yet: IIVO. Not just a new all-in-one process computer, but so much more than that. IIVO is a next level climate computer. A combination of smart software and state of the art hardware.

Intelligent climate control
IIVO’s intelligent climate controls allow you to respond pro-actively to expected changes and ensures the most optimum growth climate. IIVO uses its predictive powers to create the ideal climate conditions for your crop by combining sensor generated data, weather predictions and past learnings. The system responds pro-actively to maintain a stable and uniform growth climate, which maximizes the yield and quality of a crop, and ensures the most efficient usage of natural resources.

IIVO experiences: Schenkeveld
At family business Schenkeveld they are already using IIVO into their tomato facilities. Richard Schenkeveld, Managing Director: “As a company we’re in the Champions League of the tomato growers. Hoogendoorn fits into that picture very well.” Watch the video to learn more about the experiences with IIVO at Schenkeveld.


Strong water management
In order to thrive, plants need regular irrigation and a steady supply of nutrients. IIVO’s drag-and-drop function makes it possible to easily set and manage irrigation strategies using preferred start conditions. You can initiate irrigation cycles per valve based on time, radiation, slab weight, water content and drainage. Water conditions are balanced and managed by integrated sensors, providing crops with the perfect amount of water and nutrients when they need it. Resulting in possible water savings.

Smart energy management
IIVO’s advanced energy management ensures the stable regulation of energy management in your greenhouse. The system is easily integrated with energy sources including boilers, co-generation, biomass, thermal, solar and wind-energy. This ensures the most efficient usage of heating and CO₂ according to the specific energy demands of your crop.

IIVO experiences: Great Northern Hydroponics & Cosmic Plants
At Great Northern Hydroponics they grow tomatoes on 70 acres in Kingsville, Ontario (Canada). With IIVO Guido van het Hof and his team are implementing the Data Driven Growing strategy and Plant Empowerment cultivation method into their facilities. At CosMic Plants Inc. they grow orchids on two locations. Neil van Steekelenburg: “As soon as I saw how IIVO worked, I was very enthusiastic. I knew I had to have this system for the other location as well.” Watch the video to learn more about the experiences with IIVO at Great Northern Hydroponics and Cosmic Plants.


Complexity made easy
Its user-friendly interface ensures IIVO is easy to use, even while operating the most complex systems. Besides local operation, the system can be operated online, allowing extremely fast operation. IIVO remote allows you to control all your locations more easy and more efficient. Via any device of your choosing, from wherever you are. Settings are safely stored in the Cloud with up to unlimited data storage. Automatic back-ups are made for continuity and you can even update your system via your Internet connection.

IIVO introduction action
Interested in IIVO? Order your new IIVO system in 2020 and receive and Ipad AIR for free! This way, you can immediately start using IIVO Remote and control your greenhouse from anywhere in the world.