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Beilangzhong decreased their water footprint striving to operate with perfect precision.


How to respond to the nationwide water scarcity?

Within the cold autumn weather, while many other flowers decompose, Chrysanthemums still flourish. This autumn flower has become the basis of Chinese art, representing one of the four seasons. On top of that, the broad variety of coloured chrysanthemums forms a picturesque scene within the Beiliangzhong Flower Center. With this broad pallet of colours and the huge variety of shapes and sizes, Beilangzhong provides the Chinese and Russian market with an elegant selection of sustainable artwork.

As underground water is limited and rainfall steadily declines, it is important to realise water savings within the cultivation processes. In order to benefit to the society, the organisation took the challenge to respond to the nationwide water scarcity. After all, Beilangzhong decreased their water footprint striving to operate with perfect precision. Nowadays, the organisation creates awareness among other local growers about efficient greenhouse control, improving the production process quality and reducing use of resources. Therefore, the 3ha greenhouse functions as a showcase for continuous innovation of high tech horticultural equipment and automation control.

Moreover, maintaining the growing conditions within the greenhouse is very important in order to optimise the flower production. Do you want to know more? Niu Xiafong of Beilangzhong describes in the following video, the journey of the Flower Centre, optimising their production process and exploring the aspects of: How to supply chrysanthemums all year round using less resources?


How to care for chrysanthemums?
The chrysanthemum is a magnificent flower for home decoration and a popular product in China. With the right caring tips the flowers will stay beautiful up to two weeks:

It is important that the Chrysanthemums are provided with tap water of a normal room temperature. Moreover, trim the stems diagonally at 3-5cm and place the chrysanthemums in the full sun, harmful draughts should be avoided.


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