Join our monthly webinars


Webinars are held on fixed days of the month. On the first Thursday of the month for IIVO starters, and on the third Thursday for advanced IIVO users. Afterwards, you will have a good impression of what IIVO offers you , the 'look and feel' of IIVO and the many possibilities due to the flexibility of the computer. As a viewer, you don't have to do anything but watch for 45 minutes. The two presenters will show the possibilities. Questions can be asked via the chat function or microphone. These are already answered during the webinar, so that all viewers have an interest in the questions and answers asked.

For whom?

New IIVO users, (crop) consultants and all other interested parties. You can then apply what you have seen demonstrated during the webinars at the nursery. With this, Hoogendoorn guarantees a quick start and a short learning curve. Doing it right the first time saves the grower money in all respects.


Introduction by always two speakers; the duo ensures interaction and guarantees an inspiring webinar.
Logical structure so that all essential steps for setting up and operating the computer are amply covered.
The latest developments in computer interface and controls are discussed.
In the advanced webinar, on the third Thursday of the month, current topics are covered, e.g. 'erratic' outdoor climate conditions, energy and crop health.
Summary with links to tips, releases and previous recordings via 'Hoogendoorn Online'.
Starts at 11:00 for Dutch and at 9:00 and 15:00 for English-speaking.

Why these webinars?

No travel time and if you don't manage to watch live for a while we have the earlier recording available for you.
Short 45-minute session that will pay you back the same week because of the many practical applications covered.
The training of new employees, (junior) growers can be outsourced by the grower to Hoogendoorn. We are happy to do it.

What does it cost?

Nothing and what's more, you don't need to register in advance. Once you have a user account for the IIVO, you will be reminded of the scheduled webinars via email. The link to the webinar is available on request.