Seamless Control and Remote Management: Eden Green’s Greenhouse Revolution with IIVO



Eden Green, an agriculture technology company focused on revolutionizing the way fresh produce is grown and distributed, faced a significant challenge in finding a control system that could integrate all the standard vertical greenhouse controls, including vents, motors, shades, and HVAC systems. Additionally, they wanted a unified control system that would allow them to control the greenhouse remotely, from anywhere, using an open API system.

The company began its journey with Hoogendoorn Growth Management from the beginning of the construction of their first commercial vertical greenhouse  in August of 2021. The project took approximately 13 months to complete, with an additional 60 days for commissioning. Now, they have a fully automated greenhouse from a control standpoint.

With Hoogendoorn's IIVO system, Eddy Badrina, CEO of Eden Green, and Bill Hughes, COO, found a game-changer for their vertical greenhouse operations. Unlike previous systems they have used, IIVO provides the perfect combination of efficiency, integration, and scalability, while the platform offers endless potential.

Thanks to IIVO's comprehensive platform, they can connect any piece of equipment within the greenhouse and control it remotely from anywhere. The use of recipes to run the greenhouse also means that they can expand their operation with less experienced personnel, while senior growers monitor the operation from a central location.

Bill Hughes, COO of Eden Green

As Bill Hughes mentioned, “IIVO is a complete system, so it allows us to run a number of different items from dosers to AC units, to all the various sensors, weather stations and all the greenhouse operational issues.”

IIVO was the perfect solution for Eden Green's challenges, providing them with the control and scalability they needed to achieve their goals. Moreover, the Hoogendoorn Americas team has stood out due to its exceptional customer service, which has been highly appreciated by Eden Green.

According to Bill Hughes, the team was there for them throughout the entire project and everyone he worked with was professional and knowledgeable. On his part, Eddy Badrina mentioned that he had only good things to say about Hoogendoorn's responsiveness, describing it as remarkable for a company of its size. With IIVO at the heart of their automated greenhouse, Eden Green is well-positioned to lead the way in sustainable and innovative agriculture.