Hoogendoorn wins gold at SIVAL!

f.l.t.r.: Otto Post (Export Area Manager at Hoogendoorn) & Patrice Borali (of Squiban, partner of Hoogendoorn in France), Christophe Berthon (Director of SIVAL

This week Hoogendoorn Growth Management attended the SIVAL trade show for agriculture and horticulture, in Angers, France. With 700 exhibitors and 26,000 professional visitors each year, SIVAL is the trade fair that brings together everyone from the world of horticulture, viticulture, arboriculture and vegetable growing. It is also the leading specialty crop fair in France, a platform for meeting other players and exchanging ideas.


Most innovative products

SIVAL focuses on the agriculture and horticulture of the future, by looking at the challenges of tomorrow and focusing on innovation. Part of the annual SIVAL fair is the award ceremony for the most innovative products, divided into the following categories: variety innovation, production tools, machinery and automation, production solutions, presentation and marketing, services and software, and collective approach.


Winner gold medal

Hoogendoorn Growth Management submitted its latest innovation, the IIVO, the process computer for the horticultural sector, as a contender for this award in the Machine and Automation category after the summer of 2021. From all 64 submissions, Hoogendoorn was told in the fall of 2021 that they were left with 37 nominees after the strict selection of the independent preliminary jury. In the end, 50 experts made more than 100 recommendations and Hoogendoorn was chosen by the professional jury as the winner of the gold medal in the Machine and Automation category.


Ideal climate conditions

IIVO consists of state-of-the-art software and hardware applications. In addition, IIVO uses its predictive powers to create the ideal climate conditions for the grower’s crop by combining sensor generated data, weather forecasts and past experience. The system reacts proactively to maintain a stable and uniform growing environment, which maximizes a crop’s yield and quality and ensures the most efficient use of natural resources.


SIVAL award ceremony

Hoogendoorn feels very honored and proud to announce that it has received the SIVAL Angers d’Or Innovation prize 2022 for its IIVO system. The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, the 16th of March. Hoogendoorn is the only foreign company to win a gold medal at SIVAL 2022 and would like to thank SIVAL for recognizing its innovative capacity.