AdeptAg Announces Exciting Partnership with Hoogendoorn Growth Management


[Oberlin, OH – December 6, 2023] - AdeptAg, a platform formed in 2022 made up of North American industry leaders AgriNomix Automation Solutions, Bellpark Automation Solutions, Plantech Control Solutions, and Zwart Irrigation Solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Hoogendoorn Growth Management, a global leader in horticultural innovation for over five decades. 

This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone in the horticulture technology sector, as AdeptAg and Hoogendoorn join forces to deliver unprecedented value and innovation to growers. With a shared commitment to advancing the future of horticulture, both companies are poised to provide growers with cutting-edge solutions that optimize crop management, increase productivity, and enhance sustainability.

Hoogendoorn Growth Management is renowned for its expertise in climate control and greenhouse management. Their flagship product, IIVO, a revolutionary climate computer fortified with Intelligent Algorithms, has garnered acclaim for its ability to simplify climate optimization and tailor it to specific crops and environmental requirements with remarkable ease. What sets IIVO apart is its proactive approach to climate control, continuously fine-tuning operations based on forecasted weather conditions, and ensuring peak efficiency in greenhouse and indoor farming management.

AdeptAg reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional ROI to growers by partnering with Hoogendoorn. The collaboration will leverage the strengths of both organizations, integrating AdeptAg's extensive automation and irrigation solutions with Hoogendoorn's state-of-the-art climate management technology. Together, they will provide growers with a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance productivity, reduce resource consumption, and maximize yields.

"At AdeptAg, our mission is to listen to the needs of growers, understand their unique applications, and deliver the best outcomes. Our partnership with Hoogendoorn Growth Management aligns perfectly with this mission," said Rick Parod, CEO of AdeptAg. "We are excited to combine our expertise with Hoogendoorn's innovative technology to empower growers and drive sustainable horticultural practices."

Hoogendoorn Growth Management shares in the enthusiasm for this collaboration. "Dedicated to exceptional service, Hoogendoorn Growth Management selectively chooses premium partners, providing our worldwide customers with the finest local support and collaboration. Our partnership with AdeptAg allows us to extend our reach further and provide growers with comprehensive solutions for their greenhouse and indoor farming operations," stated Martin Helmich, CCO of Hoogendoorn Growth Management. "Together, we are set to redefine the future of horticulture by integrating cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and Intelligent Algorithms."

From left to right: Pieter Kwakernaak, General Manager Hoogendoorn Americas & Charlie Kirschner, General Manager AdeptAg