Ideal for new IIVO or iSii users


During the Quick Start course, we explain the multifaceted settings possibilities of the software, among other things. We explain this using practical examples and instruction videos.

For whom?
New users who quickly want to get started with the IIVO or iSii process computer.

• Operation: learn to navigate and work independently with worksheets, graphs, summaries and settings.
• Climate management: manage your climate settings such as air temperature, humidity and CO2 content.
• Energy management: learn to coordinate energy installations such as the boiler, CHP and heat reservoir.
• Water management: translate your watering strategy into effective settings in the process computer.

Why an online course?
• No travel time
• Flexible scheduling
• Convenience (from one’s own workplace)
• Can be done individually but also in groups

What does it cost?

The course consists of 3 online sessions, 45 minutes each. The cost is €675- per person in total. The course is delivered online. Participants will receive a certificate after completing the course. Upon request, the course can be provided in-company.