Want to be challenged when using IIVO?


During the online Custom Training, all applications, settings and measurements relevant to the user are covered. The result is that after following the training, the grower, employees or advisor can take the next step in improving their cultivation results and experience more ease of use of the IIVO.

For whom?

New computer users who, after completing the e-learning modules and attending one or more webinars, want to be challenged in using IIVO.


  • Operation: navigation features that simplify and speed up operation.
  • Dashboard improvements, for more overview: using the 'talk, picture and deed principle', the user himself makes changes that lead to more clarity and convenience. All possibilities regarding charts for verification and analysis are covered.
  • Optimisation of controls: the trainer discusses the meaning and numerical value of settings and makes improvement suggestions for climate, water and energy.
  • Applications based on 'Plant Empowerment': controls and settings that contribute to saving energy, crop vigour and resilience and stability are explained and demonstrated.

Why an online training?

  • Free, 2 x 45 minutes due to the purchase of a new computer.
  • Simple and saves time and energy, can be followed with multiple growers without travelling.
  • Simplification and improvement of dashboards and overviews, which can increase the grower's span-of-control.
  • Connected cultivation consultant can join the training at no cost.
  • To be scheduled at a time convenient to you.
  • Because of the trainer who is involved in computer set-up on a daily basis, the grower has the latest possibilities and practical solutions are provided.

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. The training is offered free of charge when purchasing a new IIVO computer. If at any time new (junior) growers need to be trained again, the Quick Start Course can be chosen for them. If you have not yet been approached for this Custom Training please let us know and we will schedule the appointments with you.